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Extraordinary Give

Members of The Wheatland Chorale are thrilled to be reconnecting with an audience this spring! With a plan for rehearsals to begin in early 2022, concert dates will be planned for late spring. Dates and venues for our joyous return will be announced soon!


The Wheatland Chorale will offer spring concerts without charge to the public, as a thank you to patrons for their continued support through a long pandemic. Please help us make this dream a reality by your generous support during the Extraordinary Give on November 19.


"We sing again in spring!  Our concert program - LET OUR LOVE BE HEARD - allows us to share our love of singing, the grief and loss of the past two years, and the joy of our return to live concerts."

— Artistic Director Eric Riley

The Extraordinary Give will take place from midnight to 11:59 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 19. Donations can be made during that time here:

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