Spring Concert Program:
Let Our Love Be Heard


Join the Wheatland Chorale for this powerful, uplifting program offered free of charge!  No tickets required.


Sunday, April 24, 4:00pm

St. Matthew Evangelical Lutheran Church, York, PA


Saturday, April 30, 7:00pm

Atonement Lutheran Church, Wyomissing, PA


Sunday, May 1, 4:00pm

St. James Episcopal Church, Lancaster, PA

About the concert:

This program began more than two years ago, originally titled Charity and Love — based on the ancient Latin text, Ubi Caritas, whose first line is, “Where there is charity and love, God is there.” The text is all about seeing the divine in one another, and goes on to admonish us to cease quarreling and seek common ground with our fellow human beings. This was soon after the devastating fire in the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris, a place where people of all faiths could come together and do exactly what the text suggests. Part of the program was an homage to Notre Dame in the face of this tragedy. Little did we know it would be two years before we would re-visit this program.

Since then, the program has morphed a bit in response to current circumstances — celebrating our return to singing with a more celebratory tone. But, to be authentic, we must acknowledge the pain and loss the pandemic has caused, both in physical life and in the pain of vocal and musical silence. In keeping with the original Ubi Caritas text, we express our love for singing, for music, and for our audience.

The first sound you will hear, after two years of silence, is that of ancient plainsong — also known as Gregorian chant. The first harmonies you will hear from the Chorale come from Morten Lauridsen, an American choral composer who taught the world that dissonance in choral music can be beautiful. The first segment includes two stunning, modern pieces: Kim Andre Arnesen’s powerful setting of an astonishing text, Even When He Is Silent; and Jake Runestad’s lovely and touching setting in honor of a young person taken too soon, titled Let My Love Be Heard.

In the second segment of the program, we sing about…SINGING! This segment includes Daniel Gawthrop’s wonderful Sing A Mighty Song and a timeless American spiritual setting by Moses Hogan, I’m Gonna Sing ’til the Spirit Moves in My Heart.

In the final program sequence, we really kick into celebration mode with Bob Chilcott’s GLORIA for chorus, brass quintet and organ. Chilcott has been a great “friend” of the Chorale, joining us for a terrific weekend of rehearsals and performances a couple of years ago in celebration of our 30th anniversary.